Low Income Sponsorship

The option has been made available to individuals, companies, or organizations to sponsor someone who is low income to attend Queen City Riot.

Reasons why this sponsorship is available:

  • Queen City Riot and other local shows can provide a space for diverse youth and young adults, that is safe and welcoming.
  • The central focus of Queen City Riot is demonstrating that local, underground, and independent musicians can thrive in this city, again in a welcoming and healthy environment.
  • A sponsorship shows that local music events should be accessible to all people of all financial circumstances, and does not exclude based on this reason.
  • A sponsorship to this event encourages a young person to get involved with the local music scene, which is in desperate need of people to support it.
  • If desired, sponsors will be mentioned on all Queen City Riot social media, as well as during the festival.
  • This can all be achieved by a $30 sponsorship for one night, or $55 for both night.

To offer a sponsorship, please contact myself (Emily Ritenburg) at emily.ritenburg@gmail.com.

Thank you!

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